Russian Transit Visa for Foreign Citizens

Foreign citizens have the right to apply for a transit visa only upon presentation of a valid visa for arrival in the country of destination. A foreign citizen will also be required to present tickets to the country of destination. This procedure is necessary in a situation where a foreigner does not have citizenship in the country of destination or is not a citizen of the country that has a visa-free regime with Russia.

What is the Russian transit visa?

The transit visa is an authorization document permitting a foreign citizen to cross the Russian border for further entry into another country. The basis for issuing a transit visa are travel tickets of a traveling foreigner.

Before applying for a transit visa, we recommend that you study the following sections:

  • Validity period of transit visas;
  • Required package of documents for a transit visa;
  • Cost of transit visa application.

Validity period of transit visas

The validity period of a transit visa is up to 10 days. This period is quite sufficient for a foreigner to successfully cross the borders of Russia and enter the country of his/her destination. Moreover, before determining the validity period of a transit visa, the authorized officers examine the data specified in the travel tickets. The transit visa also allows staying in a village, but not longer than for 3 days.

If a foreign citizen transits through Russia in his/her personal car, the number of days is calculated by dividing the total distance between the points of entry and exit to/from the Russian Federation by 500 km.

If the validity period of a transit visa does not suit you for any reason, you can study information about other types of visas.

Required package of documents for a transit visa

To obtain a transit visa, you must submit the following documents to the Russian consulate:

  • Passport and visa to the country of destination (if required);
  • Filled visa application form;
  • Three photos;
  • Travel documents (must contain information about the date of departure);
  • Medical insurance policy.

Cost of transit visa application

You can find out the cost of a transit visa by calling the consulate of the Russian Federation in your country of residence or on its website online. Our company does not provide services for transit visa application.