How to Get Russian Visa in Australia

How to get a Russian Visa? All citizens of Australia need to obtain a Russian visa to enter the country, that is made in several stages. The total package of documents includes visa support (invitation), completed application and consulate fee for tourist and business visas. With all these documents you should go to the Russian Embassy in Australia. Visa support is an official document, that is prepared by the receiving side.

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Russian Visa Invitation for Australian citizens

How to get the visa invitation? If you are going to visit your friends or relatives in Russia, you can ask them to send you invitation letter. If you want to organize a trip to Russian Federation by yourself – please, contact our company, that specializes in express visa support. You will need only to find a hotel, get our Russian visa invitation, fill in the form and pay the consulate fee before going to the Russian Consulate in Australia. We will gladly assist you in getting support documents for Russian Visa.

List of Russian consulates in Australia

For other addresses go here.