How to Get a Visa to Russia in Costa Rica

Step 1. Choose your citizenship to start

To receive а tourist invitation to Russia, please, indicate your citizenship. You will be offered a form for registration of documents. Fill in all the fields carefully and switch to the next step to confirm and pay for your invitation.

Costa Ricans require a visa in order to travel to Russia. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for tourism or business, a visa must be obtained either way. To get one, there are several steps you need to follow. First, obtain the ‘visa support’ (also known as an invitation) from your Russian receiving side. More information on how you could obtain your invitation can be found below. You need this official document before you go to apply for a visa. In addition, the completed application form and consulate fee are required before you apply for a visa.

Russian Visa Invitation for Citizens of Costa Rica

There are some very simple ways to get an invitation. You can book your trip with an agency and they’ll provide it all for you. Or, you can contact our company! We have experience in helping travelers with visas. You’ll receive all the documents that are required to apply for a visa if you contact us. Russian friends or relatives can issue an invitation for you as well. Have a business trip scheduled? Don’t forget to ask your Russian receiving company for an official invitation. Then, you need to find somewhere to stay while in Russia. Book a hotel or ask friends to stay with them.Then, you should apply for your visa by contacting the Russian Consulate in Costa Rica for more details.

List of Russian consulates in Costa Rica

  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in San José

    Embajada de la Federacion de Rusia, Apartado postal 6340-1000, Barrio Escalante, 100 mts. al Norte y 150 mts. al Este de la Iglesia Santa Teresita, San José, Costa Rica

    Tel.: (8-10-506) 2256-91-81



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