Russian Visa for Citizens of Croatia

Those from Croatia need a visa to travel to the majestic country of Russia. You need to obtain a visa prior to traveling for business or pleasure. The process involves a few steps that need to be followed and some documents that must be obtained. The official visa application form needs to be filled out and the consulate fee should be prepared. You should also occupy yourself with getting a ‘visa support’ (invitation). This document must be presented when applying for a tourist or business visa. The document is normally prepared by the receiving party. You will learn how to obtain an invitation below.

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Getting a Russian Visa Invitation in Croatia

There are several ways of getting one. Your friends or relatives from Russia could send an invitation to you. Or, you may prefer to book your trip through a travel agency and get you invitation through them. Our company offers this service too! We have experience in visa support and will supply all the documents required for getting a visa. There are others who travel to Russia on business. Should that be the purpose of your trip, contact your Russian host company and they should provide you with an invitation. Now, you may want to plan out your accommodations in Russia. Once that is done, the Russian Consulate in Croatia is who you should contact to apply for your visa.

List of Russian consulates in Croatia

For other addresses and contact details go here.