How to Get a Russian Visa in Greece

Step 1. Choose your citizenship to start

To receive а tourist invitation to Russia, please, indicate your citizenship. You will be offered a form for registration of documents. Fill in all the fields carefully and switch to the next step to confirm and pay for your invitation.

Are you Greek? Do you plan to visit Russia in the near future? Greeks require a visa to be able to enter the country of Russia. A visa is needed for all kinds of trips. Getting the visa consists of a few steps. First, get your ‘visa support’ document. Then, fill out the application form and prepare the consulate fee. After this is done, you can apply for your visa. The visa support is an official document, that you need to have, for a tourist or business visa to be issued to you. It is the receiving party’s responsibility to provide you with a visa support, also called an invitation.

Russian Visa Invitation for Citizens of Greece

You can book you trip with a travel agency and they will provide you with an invitation as well. But what about business trips? In this case, the invitation will be issued by the Russian receiving company. Friends and relatives from Russia can send you an invitation as well. How about a much simpler option? Contact our company! We have the experience required to meet your needs. We will get you all that you need for obtaining a visa to Russia. Once you have gotten your invitation, it is time to further plan your trip. Book a hotel in Russia and then you are fully ready to request your visa. Do this by contacting the Russian Consulate in Greece.

Russian consulates in Greece

  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in Athens, Greece

    28, Nikiforou Lytra str., Paleo Psykhiko-Athens 15452

    Tel.: (8-10-30-210) 672-52-35, 672-61-30

    Fax.: (8-10-30-210) 674-97-08



  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki, Greece

    5, Dimosthenus str., Thessaloniki 54624

    Tel.: (8-10-30-2310) 25-72-01, 25-76-66

    Fax.: (8-10-30-2310) 25-72-02



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