How to Get a Visa to Russia in Luxembourg

Those that are citizens of Luxembourg require a visa to enter Russia. You need a visa for all kinds of trips. The application process contains a few steps you need to follow. A ‘visa support’ (invitation) is required. The receiving party usually supplies it. This step is further clarified below. You need a visa support to apply for a visa. You are also required to present the completed application form and consulate fee when you apply.

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How Can Citizens of Luxembourg Get Their Russian Visa Invitation

There are different ways of getting an invitation. An agency can provide you with an invitation if you book with them. Contact our company for an easier way! We are experienced and you will quickly receive all that is required to apply for a visa. Russian friends or relatives can send you an invitation as well. Your boss wants you to travel? For business trips you will be responsible for getting an official invitation from the Russian company that invited you. Further plan your trip by reserving an accomodation. The final step is to apply for your visa by contacting the Russian Consulate in Luxembourg.

List of Russian consulates in Luxembourg

  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in Luxembourg

    Сhâteau de Beggen, L-1719 Luxembourg

    Tel.: (8-10-352) 42-23-33, 42-29-29



For other addresses and contact details go here.