Acquire a Russian Visa in Poland

Step 1. Choose your citizenship to start

To receive а tourist invitation to Russia, please, indicate your citizenship. You will be offered a form for registration of documents. Fill in all the fields carefully and switch to the next step to confirm and pay for your invitation.

Are you from Poland? Are you planning a trip to Russia in the near future? It is important to discover the visa requirements in advance. You now know that citizens of Poland need a visa to enter Russia. Get yours by completing the following steps. Get the official application form and complete it with all the required information. Also, you need to get the consulate fee ready. There is one other thing that you need to do before you are able to apply for your visa. A ‘visa support’ (invitation) is an official document that is required if you want to be issued a tourist or business visa. The foreigner usually receives the invitation from the receiving side. The invitation, or visa support, is explained below.

Get Your Russian Visa Invitation in Poland

The visa support, mentioned above, can be obtained in a few ways. Do you have Russian friends or relatives? If you do, they can help you with the visa process by sending you an invitation. Book your trip with a travel agency and you will get an invitation provided by them. Get in touch with our company if you want someone to do everything for you! Express visa support is what we do best. Contact us to receive all the required documents for obtaining a visa. Are you going on a work-related trip? In this case, it is your Russian receiving company that will provide you with an invitation. Reserve a hotel, using your most preferred method, before you apply for a visa. The final step is to request the visa. Contact the Russian Consulate in Poland to do so.

List of Russian consulates in Poland

  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in Warsaw

    ul. Belwederska 49, 00-761, Warszawa, Rzeczpospolita Polska

    Tel.: (8-10-48-22) 621-55-75, 621-34-53



  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Gdánsk

    ul. Stefana Batorego 15, 80-251 Gdańsk, Rzeczpospolita Polska

    Tel.: +48 58 341-10-88



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