How to Get Russian Visa in Saudi Arabia

How to get a Russian Visa in Saudi Arabia? All residents of Saudi Arabia need to obtain a Russian visa. The total package of documents includes visa support (an official document, that is prepared by the receiving side), completed application and consulate fee for tourist and business visas. With all these documents you should go to the Russian Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

Russian Visa Invitation for Saudi Arabian citizens

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To get an official invitation letter to Russia, you can contact your  relatives or friends, who will prepare it for you. Another option - to arrange the trip with a travel agency, that will prepare all necessary documents. If you are going for a business trip, you should ask your host company for your visa support.  Another way is contact our company, we will offer you services of an express visa support. Then, before you visit the Russian Consulate in Saudi Arabian, you will only need make a voucher from the hotel.

List of Russian consulates in Saudi Arabia

  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in Riyadh

    Saudi Arabia, P.O.Box 94308 Riyadh 11693 Russian Embassy, Al-Wasiti str., Rahmania, bld. 13

    Tel.: (8-10-966-11) 481-18-75, 481-14-32



  • General Consulate of Russian Federation in Jeddah

    Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Al-Hamra'a dist-2, Al-Andalus str. 14,
    PO BOX 15786 Jeddah 21454

    Tel.: (8-10-966-12) 665-92-12, 665-92-55



For other addresses go here.