Russian Visa for Citizens of Taiwan

Do citizens of Taiwan require a visa if they wish to travel to Russia? The answer is yes and a visa is required for business or tourism trips. The visa process involves a few straightforward steps. Of course, some documents are required. You definitely need to have the completed visa application form. Also, don’t forget about the consulate fee. After that there is the ‘visa support’ (invitation). It may appear to be a symbolic piece of paper, but actually, this official document is a requirement for obtaining a visa. The foreigner usually needs to get in touch with their receiving side in Russia to request an invitation. This step is explained below.

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Get Your Russian Visa Invitation in Taiwan

There are several options when it comes to the invitation. Do you have Russian friends or relatives? An invitation can be provided by them. If you wish to automatically receive an invitation, book your trip with an agency. Another alternative is to contact our company! Get in touch and we’ll provide you with all the documents required to apply for a visa. Your Russian host company is responsible for your invitation if you’re going on a business trip. Next, book a hotel in Russia. Finally, contact the Russian Consulate in Taiwan to apply for your visa.

List of Russian consulates in Taiwan

  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in Taiwan

    9th Floor, Aurora Building, No. 2, Sec. 5, Hsin-Yi Road, Taipei, Taiwan

    Tel.: 8-10-886-2) 8780-30-11



For other addresses and contact details go here.