E-Visa to Russia

Who can apply for Russian E-Visa?

It is only possible to issue e-visa to the citizens of countries, which were approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Please, refer to the list, specified below:

    1. Algeria
    2. Bahrain
    3. Brunei
    4. India
    5. Iran
    6. Qatar
    7. The People's Republic of China
    8. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea
    9. Kuwait
    10. Morocco
    11. Mexico
    12. The United Arab Emirates
    13. Oman
    14. Saudi Arabia
    15. Singapore
    16. Tunisia
    17. Turkey
    18. Japan

How much does Russian E-Visa cost?

Currently, the application of e-visa is free of charge, but it is expected to cost around 50 USD by 2021 (expected eVisa expansion date).

Why E-Visa is your best choice?

  • Currently it is free (expected to cost around 50 USD by 2021)
  • You don't need hotel booking and visa invitation unlike with normal visa.
  • The time limit for granting of e-visa must not exceed four calendar days from the date the completion of the application and its submitting.

The limitations of E-Visa

Information updated 10/06/2019

  • Cross border only in Vladivostok*
  • The maximum period of stay in Russia is 8 days
  • Only single-entry
  • Tourist or business purpose only**

*Currently E-Visa allows its holder to cross the border of the Russian Federation only at its state border crossing points at the territory of the free port in Vladivostok. According to officials more cities will be added in the near future, Kaliningrad in July of 2019, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg by January of 2021. The complete list of available checkpoints is listed below:
Air checkpoints: “Vladivostok (Knevichy Airport)”, “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Yelizovo Airport)”, “Blagoveshchensk”, “Khabarovsk (Novy Airport)”, “Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Khomutovo Airport)”, “Anadyr (Ugolny Airport)”;Maritime checkpoints “Vladivostok”, “Zarubino”, “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky”, “Korsakov”, “Posiet”;Railway checkpoints “Pogranichny”, “Khasan”, “Makhalino”; Road checkpoints “Poltavka”, “Turiy Rog”.

E-visa can be issued for single entry for the duration of the next 30 days from the date e-visa was issued. E-visa enables to legally reside in the Russian Federation during the course of eight days from the date of arrival. Please note, that staying longer than the specified period is a serious violation of immigration law and may lead to prosecution and substantial penalty.

**E-visas are classified only as follows: business visa (trips for business purposes only), tourist visa (for touristic activity only), and humanitarian visa (in case your visit is related to such matters as in order to take part in sports competitions or with cultural, scientific or technical purposes). If you are going to travel to Russia on other grounds, then traditional (non-electronic visa) should be issued.

Please note that you should leave the territory of the Russian Federation only through checkpoints of the constituent entity to the Russian Federation, the same or similar to those which they entered.

If you have still decided to apply for Russian E-Visa, please do it here Apply for E-Visa to Russia. If you feel that you require a regular visa, iVisaOnline.com will be happy to assist.

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